About Us

The Wellspring website went online on the First Sunday of Advent, 1998. It was one of the first to offer prayer, spirituality and liturgies. 

The bridge over the Source, Taize

Although there are many more similar sites, we are pleased to find that people still visit and find the material valuable.

Wellspring actually began life during a visit to Taize in France. This is an ecumenical, international monastic community. Its music is well-known throughout the world but it is also a place of reconcilation and healing

A visit all the way back in 1994 left a strong sense of a work to be done and it did so in preparing resources and offering workshops and days of reflection in parishes, dioceses and nationally – with the website opening things up internationally!

Wellspring is rooted in Christian tradition and aims to reflect something of what we found in Taize – inclusivity and outreach to both those whose faith feels secure and those who are approaching hesitantly, close to the margins. It draws on other sources which, hopefully, make it enriching and encouraging wherever you feel to be on the spectrum of faith and spirituality.

(Photo to the right: The bridge over the Source in Taize)