Wellspring of the Word

Pause by this Wellspring for words that inspire – refresh – challenge – and allow them to feed the wellspring of life within you.


Scripture draws from millennia of accumulated wisdom and teaching.

Although the world in which the people lived looked very different from our own, human nature has changed very little. As we reflect on the stories, the prophecies, the miracles and more, we find that, as the Quakers would phrase it, it “speaks to (our) condition”. Sometimes, it will feel incredibly timely – as if God sent that word just for you at this moment in the whole history of the world! Sometimes, it will feel dry and, dare we say, boring! Quite often, though, it may be offering a seed – or working within you at a level of your consciousness that you are not – yet – aware of.



Each day, we offer a short “thought for the day” with prompts for your own reflections. This will usually be drawn from the Catholic cycle of Readings. It is designed to fit in with busy schedules – or as something to ponder over a morning coffee. It will actually be posted the evening before as many people have said that they find it useful to have it earlier – either to read last thing or as preparation for those proclaiming it at Mass.